Peter’s Picks – Decaffeinated Teas

Try and find quality whole leaf decaffeinated green or black tea on the market either on the web or in a tea shop. You will look long and hard before you find anything and when you do, it will probably be decaffeinated by a chemical process. Who wants to drink chemically processed tea?

Peter’s Picks – Fog Mountain Green Tea

Fog mountain has a very appealing taste to most North American tea drinkers, especially the ‘new to green tea’ or first timers. Every tea shop needs a tea like this! So many tea buyers are turned off of green tea because they purchase the wrong green teas for their tastes. These sweet aromatic leaves infuse to produce a soft, smooth and mellow tasting green tea with prominent apricot and plum-like notes and gives at least 3 enjoyable infusions.


Tea has been around and been a part of societies since about 1500 BC. Tea is that unique beverage that can: relax and or energize you, bring people together, or it may be enjoyed in solitude. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Yet in spite of all this it is not understood nearly as well as it should be. To some it is just drop a teabag in a cup, to others it is a ‘trial and error thing’, hoping our tea-making endeavor will bring about the resulting taste we expect. But what about the …