Self Defense Cold Fighter Herbal Tea – Sku 1388

A great way to help stop a cold in its track. The faster you get some of the immune boosting properties from this tea in your body, the faster your route to recovery. Stock up now! Ask us about HERBS for Cold & Flu. Defense. Resistance is futile with this aromatic blend featuring sage and a gentle spiciness. Also available in convenient ALL NATURAL Pyramid bags.

Persian Spice Chai Tea – Sku 4944

Not often I write about flavoured teas for two reasons, one I like unflavoured orthodox teas best and two flavoured teas are more subjective in nature regarding their tastes. Guess I need to get past this hangup and give you my perspective on some of our most popular flavoured tea blends. This one caught my attention from a customer a while back when she extolled its’ taste virtues. Upon trying Persian Spice Chai for myself I can say it pleasantly surprised me for its pleasing and satisfying taste. Persian Spice

Simple Tea Dessert

A delicious dessert can be made by simply brewing a stronger brew of tea and pouring it over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Earl Grey Cream, any of the Chai teas, Nut Crunch or Caramel Rooibos might be good ones to try. You could also try a chocolate ice cream for a different flavour too.

Gingerbread House Fruit Tea

Our proprietary blend, yes with popcorn in it! This fruit tea is Interesting to look at and ponder the tea blenders magic. An taste experience to enjoy in the cup. It is caffeine-free and a lovely to look at fruit tea, with a taste reminiscent of gingerbread and the festive season. Don't be fooled, this blend makes a refreshing iced tea in the summer. A taste experience to enjoy in your cup, hot or iced.

Have you had a cup of Rooibos lately?

It’s been a busy day. You’ve worked, made meals, possibly herded the kids to and from any variety of places; it has been a successful yet tiring Now, it’s time for you to get a chance to relax. How about a cup of Rooibos?

Chickpea curry in a hurry!

On a cool fall evening, how can anyone say no to a nice, spicy curry? Curry is one of our favourite things here at Distinctly Tea (outside of the teas themselves, of course) and we have all of the fixings for an awesome curry powder! If you’re not feeling like mixing up your own, try our curry blend!

Pu-Erh Tea from Distinctly Tea Inc.

Pu-Erh This earthy tasting tea is reminiscent of a clean barnyard. (Yes really, this is the taste that professional tea tasters apply to this tea). Pu-erh comes raw or dark and may be aged 2 to 50 years. Like wine, it gets better with ages. The raw is like a very strong green tea while the dark is like a very strong black tea. Both yield many infusions, at least five.The taste is more of an acquired taste that the other teas but are worthwhile drinking. It contains less caffeine than the others because it is fermented rather than oxidized. A …

Very Berry Fruit Tea

SKU: 8730-50 Just looking at this bright red colourful fruit tea can start your mouth watering for a cup. Very Berry is slightly tart, full of raspberry and dark fruit flavours and it excites the palate with its refreshing taste. This is a ‘kid-friendly tea’ that you can serve hot or cold. Make up a batch […]

Chai Mango Lemonade

To make TEA lemonade: In a small saucepan bring water to a boil; add TEA. Remove from heat and steep for 10 minutes. Strain TEA into another pot. Add the natural sugar and bring back to a boil; stirring until the sugar is dissolved about 1 minute. Let cool.