“Detoxing” with Soups

When one goes on a “detox” diet or plan, one tries to eat more wholesome foods and avoid fast food or already prepared foods. If you go back to your regular diet, you are going to feel tired and sluggish again and in time will think you have to “detox” again. By learning to incorporate healthier foods on a daily basis you will avoid this rollercoaster effect. Try changing things slowly and not go back to your past routine. Your body will love you for it and you will feel better in the long run.

In the colder months our body loves warmth and comfort. Soup is the perfect food for that. It is also a perfect alternative to juicing and eating raw foods in the winter months. Soup can be chocked full of healthy detoxing vegetables and can be easily loaded up with fiber.
Fiber will help to move wastes and toxins through our body which may help to keep our bowels healthy and digestive system in check. There are many recipes on the internet to make many types of soups. Try and stay away from the creamier soups if you are planning to use the soup as a detox aid. Pureeing the vegetables once they are cooked will make the soup thicker and creamier without the addition of milk. By blending the vegetables up or chopping them into small pieces, the soup will be easier for your body to digest and allow easier absorption and utilization of all the nutrients it contains.

Soup broths can be made by using only tea, a combination of tea and broth or by heating the broth and steeping the tea in it before hand. Make a stronger infusion of tea (2 – 3 times the regular amount of tea steeped for the suggested time) when only using tea as the main broth. Teas with herbs like dandelion root or leaf, milk thistle, ginger root etc. can be steeped into soup. Herbal powders such as turmeric, ginger, cayenne and superfoods such as kale, spinach, leeks, garlic etc. are excellent ingredients to incorporate into soups.