To help celebrate the New Year and get you off to a healthy start in 2023 we suggest you steep and enjoy one our many teas. We have over 400 Teas and herbs available.

If you received some of our 10g sample packages this Christmas you probably have found a few that you would like to add to your tea collection. This month would be a great time to stop by and buy a larger bag of these new found favourites.

January is often the time of year when we think about all the treats we ate at Christmas and how we should get back into a healthier eating routine. Adding a gentle detox tea to your diet may help your body cleanse itself faster and have you feeling more energetic and less sluggish from all the sweets. Our German Detox Blend would be a perfect tea for just that.

Having either our Self Defense or Winter’s Remedy Tea on hand would be a great way to help stop a cold in its track. The faster you get some of the immune boosting properties from either of these teas in your body, the faster your route to recovery. Stock up now during the month of January with some of our great teas!