Have you had a cup of Rooibos lately?

Have you had a cup of rooibos lately - Distinctly Tea

It’s been a busy day. You’ve worked, made meals, possibly herded the kids to and from any variety of places; it has been a successful yet tiring Now, it’s time for you to get a chance to relax. How about a cup of Rooibos?

Pronounced ROY-bos, this tisane comes from a fairly unassuming plant grown in South Africa. Its needle-like leaves are cultivated, then oxidized to create the red rooibos that is most commonly enjoyed in the West. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free, thus it makes a great wind-down tea for the end of the day.

Beyond the awesome taste, rooibos is extremely healthy. For years rooibos has been touted for its health properties, and with good reason. Rooibos contains a large variety of antioxidants including ECEG, which is primarily found in green tea.

The benefits don’t stop at antioxidants, as we said, it’s a great end-of-day drink, but for more reasons than just being caffeine free. Studies suggest that rooibos also helps to encourage a good night’s sleep.


Distinctly Tea makes a variety of exclusive Rooibos Tea blends to be enjoyed at home or work. Come on in and browse our rooibos selection. We’re sure you’ll find something you will love.

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Rooibos Herbal Tea
We have a huge selection of ROOIBOS Teas for you to choose from, in fact one of the largest selections in Ontario all at very competitive prices.
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