Herbs for Women

A tisane formulated especially for WOMEN

Herbs for Women is a German blend developed by FLORAPHARM® Teas in Germany. FLORAPHARM®. was founded in 1992 in Germany, by two pharmacists. Both founders used their experience from their previous professional careers along with the desire for self-employment as well as the love for nature and especially the love for tea-plants. Herbs for Women is a very popular tisane that many women enjoy drinking.  It is a complex blend of 14 ingredients with a natural orange and grapefruit flavour. Many women ask about the ingredients in this blend so we have outlined why these ingredients are used to create this blend.

Ingredients in the blend:

Cinnamon– warming, aids digestion, diabetes, weight loss
Apple bits– Malic acid, fatigue
Ginger– stimulates circulation, strong antioxidant,
Rooibos– iron for blood, general tonic, low tannins, antioxidant
Juniper berry– digestive stimulant
Alchemilla–   menstruation disorders
Fennel– stomach & flatulence
Chamomile– anti-inflammatory, stomach, intestines
Cardamom– nausea, indigestion
Clove– Antiseptic & anti-parasitic, digestive aid
Orange peel– stomach, flavouring
Perforated St John’s Wort– Antidepressant; Antiseptic; Antiviral
Black pepper– digestive disorders, urinary difficulties, rheumatism
Raspberry leaf– boost immune system, help protect heart, decrease inflammation, support faster metabolism, help regulate hormones & prevent nausea.
Goose Grass– potent diuretic to treat cystitis and other urinary issues, bladder, kidney problems.

Herbs for Women Herbal Tea

NATURAL ORANGE-GRAPEFRUIT FLAVOURING. Blend of herbs especially for women: cinnamon, apple bits, rooibos, ginger bits, raspberry leaves, fennel, chamomile, cardamom, alchemilla, clove, orange peel, perforated St. Johns wort, black pepper, juniper berry, natural orange-grapefruit flavouring.
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