Herbs to support Detox (All available at Distinctly Tea)

Detox tea distinctly tea

Dandelion Root: as a diuretic and liver-nourishing herb, dandelion root has long been used in treating liver conditions. It stimulates digestion, urine production and supports the liver.

Milk Thistle: considered a hepato-protective herb, milk thistle has traditionally been used in the treatment of liver diseases, including jaundice and cirrhosis.

Green Tea and Matcha: although these do contain caffeine, there is a lot of good evidence to support the use of green tea and matcha in cancer cases, for mild weight loss and promoting good health.

Rooibos: a very nourishing, tasty and caffeine-free alternative to other sugary drinks, rooibos has immune boosting properties, aids insomnia and can help to improve allergies.

Herbal Teas: peppermint, chamomile, lavender, rose….these are all caffeine-free and are a very relaxing way to un-wind at the end of a long day.

Different blends each have their own medicinal properties and tastes…experiment to find one that you like!

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