Kombucha may help your body return to a more balanced state

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Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea with great nutritional value and a dose of beneficial bacteria and yeast. Kombucha may help your body return to a more balanced state so that your immune system and other body systems especially digestion may work more efficiently. It doesn’t matter what type of diet or foods you are eating, Kombucha is definitely a beneficial drink to add to your daily routine. Most of us have experienced if we eat foods that are not the healthiest then we may not feel the best after consuming – “garbage in, garbage out” Adding Kombucha to your daily routine may help reduce the stress these foods put on our body and help us start to think about our food choices and lead us to make better, healthier choices when it comes to food. Believe me your body and your mind will thank you!

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The Scoby is the key ingredient that starts the ball rolling. Scoby is a short form for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”. It’s a living material that creates the fermentation of the sweet tea to happen. To start brewing kombucha you will need sweet tea, some starter liquid and a piece of scoby from a friend’s batch. The yeast and the bacteria in your brewing kombucha work together to create this healthy beverage.



Once the brew is ready to flavour, you can pour the base into 1 quart mason jars and flavour with tea. Fruit and Rooibos teas are the best choices for this. You only need approximately 1/2 Tbsp. per 4 cups. Add the flavouring tea to the mason jar and cover with a paper towel secured with an elastic on top so that fruit flies can’t get in. Let this sit on your counter at room temperature for 24 hours to flavour. Once finished, strain the tea from the flavoured kombucha and pour into a bottle. It’s best to store your kombucha in heavy-duty glass bottles. Reusing commercial kombucha bottles works or use the ones with a swing-top. The fermentation process creates carbonation which is why a heavier glass bottle is needed.

Benefits of kombucha from distinctly tea

What Kombucha May Do For You

– healthy gut bacteria
– rebalances internal stability in the body
– boosts metabolism
– improves digestion and bowel function
– boosts energy
– aids in healthy liver function—our bodies filtering system – stress relief and much more

Kombucha Basics

good quality tea plus a scoby for kombucha tea recipe

To make Kombucha you need a base made from a good quality Green or Black Tea.
Fog Mountain Organic Green Tea or our English Breakfast Organic Black Tea are both good teas to use. Starting with a high-quality tea brews a high-quality product.
Other teas like Oolong and Pu-erh could be used but try an experimental batch to start.

Fog Mountain Green Tea

English Breakfast Black Tea


kombucha flavouring ideas from distinctly tea

Flavouring your Kombucha after its finished brewing is the best part. Divide your base into flavouring jars (Mason jars work great) and add whatever tea, fruits or herbs you like for flavouring. Cutting the fruit up into small pieces or mashing things like raspberries etc works the best.
A little goes a long way for flavouring. Use 1/2 Tbsp. of tea per 4 cups of base.

Fruit teas and Rooibos teas are simple and easy to use for flavouring your kombucha. After flavouring your base, cover with a paper towel or t-shirt material and secure on top with an elastic band. This keeps the fruit flies at bay. Let sit at room temperature for 24 hours then strain tea from your kombucha and bottle. Store flavoured bottles in the refrigerator.


Fog Mountain Green tea from distinctly tea inc

Ceylon English breakfast tea from distinctly tea inc




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