Peter’s Pick – Jin Jun Mei Wuyi Black Tea

Not often do I get really excited about new teas. Yes I appreciate all the teas I sample, some more or less but my cupping of this Chinese Wuyi grown Jin Jun Mei really got my taste buds enthused. First just looking at Jin Jun Mei says QUALITY! Then the aroma from the sample revved me higher and finally the infused tea sent me skyward. What a great tasting tea! If you enjoy quality black teas this is definitely a must try for you.

Slender with a slight twist medium sized bud only are picked. Jin Jun Mei is carefully withered, hand rolled and fired bringing out the truly wonderful flavours. Because this is a ‘bud’ plucking only, it requires approximately 50,000 to manufacture 500 grams; ( 20 workers working for 1 day produces 500 grams). Yes this makes for a more expensive tea (about $.69 per cup) but well worth the extra cost. (Flavoured blacks are $.35 per cup).

This rich black tea is able to be steeped more than one time, especially if the initial steeping is less than 4 minutes. We do not recommend over-steeping this tea during any one particular steeping although I steep my second infusion for 4 -5 minutes.

When steeping this tea, I do not recommend making it too strong, especially on the first cup. Too strong a cup will most likely turn you off this tea and most other black teas for that matter. Use 2 -3 grams per 8 ounce cup, bring water short of the boil, 195 – 200F and steeping for 3 minutes.

Please stay with your cup and make certain it is steeped properly. Way too many cups of tea are ruined by over-steeping and not paying careful attention to the steeping parameters. ENJOY!

Come on into our store and talk to us about why this tea may be for you. We will give you the sight, aroma and sound tour and hopefully convince you why one this tea should be in your tea cupboard.


Peter Barker TCP (Tea Connoisseur & Procurer)