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Jasmine Teas are among the most popular of all Green teas and come basically in to different ways, Scented or flavoured. The basic difference here is how the jasmine taste gets into the tea. Flavoured jasmine teas are simply just that- flavoured with a natural or synthetic flavour to bring home the jasmine taste in the tea. These flavoured teas are the most economical jasmine teas and most of the time the lower grades of green tea are used. They are not ‘bad’ teas just a way of providing flavoured jasmine teas. We sell one tea in this category, our Jasmine Special Grade. It is popular and is flavoured with a quality German tea flavour. We also have a number of teas that contain jasmine flavour. These may be found by searching for ‘jasmine’ on our web site.

The rest of our Jasmine teas fall into the ‘Scented’ category, meaning that the natural jasmine flowers were used to permeate the green teas and pass through that beautiful jasmine aroma and taste. This is accomplished by blending the jasmine flowers with the tea and removing the flowers after the scent is transferred. It may be done as with the Pearls pictured above by layering (tea-jasmine-tea-jasmine), etc. and leaving this sit overnight. In the morning the flowers are removed and the process is repeated as many as 8 to 10 times over the next 8 to 10 days as it is with the Jasmine Pearls. This process usually using the best of the jasmine flowers give the most superior aroma and taste in the brewed tea. One sniff of the aroma of the scented jasmine teas certainly tells you which the premium method is.

Come on into our store and talk to us about why one of our selections may be the jasmine green tea for you. We will give you the sight, aroma and sound tour and hopefully convince you why one of our Jasmine green teas should be in your tea cupboard.

If you want a Jasmine without caffeine we have a delightful Rooibos Jasmine for you.

We are customer friendly and we love to talk and drink TEA!

Peter Barker TCP (Tea Connoisseur & Procurer)

Jasmine Green Tea Pearls

NATURAL SCENTING Organic Jasmine scented Green tea Pearls. Two leaves & a bud young leaf green tea rolled. This is our most popular jasmine and yields multiple infusions or just leave the pearls in the water as you drink.
Item No: 3565

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