Peter’s Picks – Lapacho

Lapacho herb by itself is not all that popular with our customers, except for those who know the exceptional benefits of this South American herb grown in the rain forests. Please see our full article on our blog for more information on Lapacho.

Lapacho tea can be made by pouring one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of Lapacho Lemon Cream or lapacho bark, allowing it to steep 5-7 minutes. The active properties of lapacho are water-soluble (not ethanol or fat soluble) thus the herb is best utilized in tea form, or when mixed with water (not animal fats such as milk, yogurt, or oils or tinctures). Lapacho can also be combined with yerba mate for a traditional South American healing tea. One recommended dosage is 1-4 grams per day, taken in divided doses, or 1-5 cups of tea. We have both the Lapacho and Yerba Mate in a fine grade powdered form you can use like Matcha.

Many times we pass up great herbal tisanes because they are unfamiliar to us. We hope by telling you about Lapacho you will give it a try. Our flavoured Lapacho’s are quite tasty and make a lighter herbal cup. They are not overpowering and enjoyed by all.

We offer the following Lapacho tisanes, all caffeine free naturally:

1821 Lapacho Lemon Cream

1825 Lapacho Pear Cream

1823 Lapacho Vanilla Chai

1014 LaPacho Holy healer

1824 Lapacho Mango

1984 Lapacho plain

9825 Lapacho powder

Come on into our store and talk to us about why one of our selections may be a tisane for you. We will give you the sight, aroma and sound tour and hopefully convince you why any one of our Lapacho tisanes should be in your tea cupboard.


Peter Barker TCP (Tea Connoisseur & Procurer)