Top 10 Reasons Why Distinctly Tea Inc. Has What You Need for the Holidays

Steeped at Distinctly Tea Inc.

1. Follow the Trend

According to the Tea Association of Canada, tea is the most popular beverage consumed world-side, second only to water. Canadians drink on average 9 Billion cups of tea per year, which works out to about 66 litres per person! (Arguably, university students and the staff at Distinctly Tea are more than holding their own on this one!). In Statistics Canada analysis of Canadian food trends in 2008, Canadians drank more tea than wine (although both beverages increased in popularity, while consumption of soft drinks fell—this is a good thing!).

2. Stocking Stuffers

50g bags of tea (which will make about 20 cups of tea and will last for at least a year) start at less than $5 each and make excellent, healthy stocking stuffers!

Office secret Santa gifts from Distinctly Tea Inc.


3. Your health, the most precious commodity

Speaking of healthy, tea is a low-calorie drink that you can enjoy with friends and family, or sip on your own with a great book. The high antioxidant content of traditional teas (Black, Green, White and Oolong) helps to combat harmful Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that are created as by-products of normal bodily processes, (increased in smokers, and by some medications and nutrient-poor foods) which ultimately increase our risk for many diseases and contribute to aging. Like eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking tea helps to decrease ROS. Teas are also chock-full of flavonoids and polyphenol and provide many nutrients. Rooibos and several of the fruit and herbal blends are great for helping you unwind, as they contain no caffeine, while a cup of Yerba Mate can help wake you up and kick-start your metabolism.

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4. Wonderful Scents

Did you know that most commercial air fresheners and household cleaners contain terpenes, ethylene-based glycol ethers, formaldehyde and phthalates that in some studies have been linked to hormone-disruption, breathing problems, asthma, and even cancer! No thank you!! On the other hand, brewing a pot of tea (consider a Chai!) will fill the room with a healthy, delicious aroma.


5. Warming for the Winter Months

According to TCM principles (Traditional Chinese Medicine), during the winter months, it is far more beneficial to be consuming hot food and beverage rather than cold or raw foods because it is more difficult to digest and warms the body. Ever notice how a hot cup of tea is far more appealing in December than a cold glass of water? That’s right, drink up.

6. Come in for a Cup!

That’s right, while you are shopping at our store we will happily share a sample tea of the day with you…or stop by for a cup on the go, made for you as you wait!

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7. Explore the World, One Flavour at a Time

India, China, and Sri Lanka are the top world-wide tea producers, although Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey, Georgia, Kenya, Argentina, and Brazil among others also grow the Camellia sinensis plant. Like wine, changes in altitude, time of harvest, weather conditions, soil types and different harvesting procedures (drying, smoking, fermenting, flavoring) create distinctive flavours from a delicate white tea to a bracing cup of lapsang souchong. Not to mention Rooibos from South Africa, Yerba Mate and Lapacho from South America and the many herbals that are grown throughout North America and Europe!

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8. Try Something New

Disinctly Tea Inc. offers more than 400 different types of tea, from Black, Green, White, Oolong, to Rooibos, Herbals and Fruit tisanes we are certain to carry something new that you will love!.

9. Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff is all trained in the basics of tea, and several are pursuing training as Tea Sommeliers. Plus, we have all tried each and every blend personally! If you ask, we will be more than happy to recommend our favorites to you.

Distnctly Tea Inc. Waterloo

10. Lots more to Offer

From teapots, mugs, Polish Pottery, newsletters, books, snacks to gift-wrapping that special gift, Distinctly Tea has what you are looking for!




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By: Keila Roesner, BHSc, ND (cand.)


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