Cold Brew Iced TEA Recipe

Place 5-7 tsp of TEA in a pitcher. (Add more TEA if you like a stronger brew). Add 1 cup of hot water and steep for 5 min. Stir in sweetener if using. Add 3 cups of cold water. Place pitcher in refrigerator 5 hours. Suitable for all types of TEAS. The slow cold water steeping method extracts more natural sweetness and flavour from the TEA leaf. TEAS won’t go bitter because it is a gentler method of steeping which doesn’t draw out as much of the tannin from the TEA leaves.

Spearmint TEA Mojito Recipe

Spearmint TEA Mojito Recipe. Combine TEA & Stevia (if using) in an infuser and pour boiling water over leaves. Steep for 10 minutes. Strain TEA and pour into a 4 cup pitcher filled with ice. Stir in rum and lime juice. Garnish glass with lime wedge.

Rooibos Chai Latte

1 cup Almond or Soy Milk Beverage 1/2 cup triple strength Toffee & Coffee Rooibos or Yerba Mate Chocolate Cappuccino cooled to room temperature 1/2 tsp. Rooibos Chai Latte (optional)
 3-4 ice cubes Place all ingredients in blender and blend till smooth. Serves one.
 Can also be blended without the ice cubes and poured over a glass of ice.

Iced Tea Float Drink Recipe

1 1/2 cups Basic 
Ice Tea (see below) 1 scoop Vanilla
Ice Cream Pour tea into a glass half filled with ice. Top with a large scoop of ice cream and serve immediately. Basic Ice Tea: 4 cups hot water (use steeping temperature for tea of choice)
3 tbsp. loose leaf tea Pour hot water over tea in a heatproof container and steep covered for time appropriate for tea of your choice. Strain into a pitcher, discard the leaves and let cool to room temperature. Once cool refrigerate or serve over glasses filled with ice. Serve with a touch of sweetener if …