Fall Fruit Teas to Try

fall tea - pumpkin spice favourite fruit tea


Popular all year round, this fruit tisane has a pumpkin spice taste and is enjoyable hot or cold. Add it to apple juice and serve hot. Its Ingredients are Apple bits, raisins, candied papaya bits, carrot bits, beetroot bits, flavour, pumpkin bits, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, rose petals, nutmeg. This makes a delicious cup either hot or cold.

8710-Fruit pumpkin spice fruit loose leaf tea from Distinctly Tea Inc.

Another great fall offering is our cinnamon plum flavoured tea. It is very popular in the fall and winter season and like the above is also great hot or cold. Ingredients are hibiscus blossoms, apple bits, rosehip peels, raisins, rooibos, plum bits, cinnamon, and flavour.

8184-Fruit cinnamon plum fruit tea from Distinctly Tea Inc.

Both of these teas may be steeped triple strength in 6 ounces of water and the liquid added to Gourd vegetables. The tea flavour will add a unique and distinctive flavouring to your table offerings this fall season.

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