Persian Spice Chai Tea – Sku 4944

Not often I write about flavoured teas for two reasons, one I like unflavoured orthodox teas best and two flavoured teas are more subjective in nature regarding their tastes. Guess I need to get past this hangup and give you my perspective on some of our most popular flavoured tea blends. This one caught my attention from a customer a while back when she extolled its’ taste virtues. Upon trying Persian Spice Chai for myself I can say it pleasantly surprised me for its pleasing and satisfying taste. Persian Spice

Rooibos Chai Latte mix

Our Rooibos Chai Latte mix is one of the most versatile products we carry. Not only does it make a great Latte but anywhere you see a cinnamon spice mixture in your recipes chances are you could use our Rooibos Chai Latte mix. It is also great for kids because it doesn’t contain any caffeine.

Chai Americaine

Very popular blend with a strong cinnamon taste. It is chocked full of black tea, cloves, cardamom, orange peels, flavour and lots of warming cinnamon for those chilly fall days. Cuddle up to our Chai Americaine. To make 1 serving with milk, bring 8 ounces of milk close to a boil, (not boiling) add a […]