Peter’s Picks – Lapacho

Lapacho herb by itself is not all that popular with our customers, except for those who know the exceptional benefits of this South American herb grown in the rain forests. Please see our full article on our blog for more information on Lapacho. Lapacho tea can be made by pouring one cup of boiling […]


LaPacho Bark Wild-crafted, Tbebuia avellanedas Tea infusion of Pau d’arco should be taken in water with a little lemon juice so tannins can be absorbed through the colon.  Item No: 1981-50 Shop LaPacho Bark Wild-crafted Lapacho Pau D’arco; Taheebo; Ipe Roxo Tabebuia impetiginosa; Tabebuia avellandeae The Lapacho tree is native to South America and is […]