HERS – ‘Herbs for Women’ A tisane formulated especially for WOMEN

Hers is a German herbal tea blend developed especially for women from distinctly tea inc

For most of our years in business we have sold a special tisane called ‘Herbs for Women’. It has been quite popular for us and many times we are asked about all the ingredients that comprise this tasty beverage.



Hers is a German herba tea blend developed especially for women ‘Hers’ is a German herbal tea blend developed especially for women. For those of you who have purchased this tisane, you realize it is a very complex blend of 14 ingredients plus a natural orange & grapefruit flavour. Below find the reasons each ingredients is in the blend.

Ingredients in the blend:


warming, aids digestion, diabetes, weight loss

Apple bits:

Malic acid, fatigue


stimulates circulation, strong antioxidant


iron for blood, general tonic, low tannins, antioxidant

Juniper berry:

digestive stimulant


menstruation disorders


stomach & flatulence


anti-inflammatory, stomach, intestines


nausea, indigestion


Antiseptic & anti-parasitic, digestive aid

Orange peel:

stomach, flavouring Perforated

St John’s Wort:

Antidepressant; Antiseptic; Antiviral

Black pepper:

digestive disorders, urinary difficulties, rheumatism

Raspberry leaf:

boost immune system, help protect heart, decrease inflammation, support faster metabolism, help regulate hormones & prevent nausea.

Goose Grass:

potent diuretic to treat cystitis and other urinary issues, bladder, kidney problems.


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BUY HERS’ Herbal tea blend for women

BUY HERS’ herbal tea for women


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