Japanese Sencha Organic Green Tea from distinctly tea

Japanese Sencha Organic Green Tea from distinctly tea 2

Japanese Sencha Organic Green Tea Sku 3610

Japanese organically grown Sencha with a slightly tart grassy taste best describes this Sencha Green Tea. This is a quality Japanese Sencha at a good price with a pleasant mild & aromatic leaf. Japanese grown Sencha teas are available in many different grades and this one is a medium middle of the road Sencha and is popular for its rich taste and dark jade colour. Try this one and you will find it a good everyday tea for not only Sencha lovers, but green tea lovers too.

Japanese Sencha Organic Green Tea from distinctly tea 2

We certainly taste test every tea we import and this one got a ‘good tea go’ It was not until I decided to drink Japanese Green teas for a while that I discovered this one. I appreciated about this tea was its ability to withstand incorrect steeping to a fairly significant degree. All of us ‘Steepers’ make errors from time to time with water too hot, steeping too long and end up throwing good green tea away because we messed up. I have steeped this one longer on purpose and despite the longer time ‘under water’ it was not that bad and really surprised me. Japanese Green Teas are generally quite bitter if steeped too long or too hot. This one defied my previous thinking. As a bonus, this Japanese Sencha Organic Tea has a very appealing taste to most North American tea drinkers, especially the ‘new to green tea or first timers’. Every tea shop needs a tea like this! So many tea buyers are turned off of green tea because they purchase the wrong green teas for their tastes. These sweetly aromatic leaves infuse to produce a soft, smooth and mellow tasting green tea with slightly grassy notes and give at least 3 enjoyable infusions.

Come on in to our store and talk to us about why this may be the green tea for you. We will give you a sample to see if Japanese Sencha Organic Tea should be in your tea cupboard.

We are customer-friendly and we love to talk and drink TEA!

Peter Barker, TCP

(Tea Connoisseur & Procurer)

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