TEA Spritzer Recipe from Distinctly Tea

TEA Spritzer recipe from distinctly tea

4 tsp. your favourite TEA
1/2 cup hot water (steeping at temperature for TEA)
Stevia leaf /sweetener of your choice if desired
Ice cubes
8-10 oz. sparkling water

Place TEA and Stevia leaf in a heatproof container or Smart Steeper. Add hot water and steep for a time appropriate to TEA of your choice. Fill a large 2 cup glass 2/3 full of ice. Strain TEA over ice until glass is 1/3 full. Slowly top up with sparkling water.

Makes one 16 oz. serving.

For two 8 oz. servings divide ice between two smaller glasses, fill each 1/2 full of TEA & add sparkling water.




tea steeper bottom pour from distinctly tea


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