To help celebrate the New Year and get you off to a healthy start in 2023 we suggest you steep and enjoy one our many teas. We have over 400 Teas and herbs available. If you received some of our 10g sample packages this Christmas you probably have found a few that you would like […]

Steeping Tea

Tea has nurtured societies since 1500 BC. As well as provid- ed good health and spirits. Tea can relax and energize you. Tea can bring people together, or be enjoyed alone. Many of the world’s cultures have developed a ceremony surrounding the preparation and enjoyment of tea. From the careful and precise Japanese tea ceremony, to cracking open a can of cold Iced Tea in North America, to passing around a gourd of Yerba Mate in Paraguay; tea connects us to our global history and community. As much as consuming tea is important in millions of peoples’ daily lives, the preparation …

Attention Teavana Customers

We are sorry to hear that Teavana is closing their stores and we would like to offer you an alternative Tea Store to shop in person or online. Tell us you are a Teavana customer and we will give you 3 free 4 cup sample bags of any flavoured tea.