Black Breakfast Teas

Breakfast TEAS conjure up BLACK TEAS, strong flavoured, high in caffeine thoughts for most of us. We want a 'WAKE UP TEA' and we certainly have a great selection of them; one for every taste so to speak. Below are our suggestions for BLACK TEAS to make your morning special.

Persian Spice Chai Tea – Sku 4944

Not often I write about flavoured teas for two reasons, one I like unflavoured orthodox teas best and two flavoured teas are more subjective in nature regarding their tastes. Guess I need to get past this hangup and give you my perspective on some of our most popular flavoured tea blends. This one caught my attention from a customer a while back when she extolled its’ taste virtues. Upon trying Persian Spice Chai for myself I can say it pleasantly surprised me for its pleasing and satisfying taste. Persian Spice

How to Make Kombucha at Home

Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea with great nutritional value and a dose of beneficial bacteria and yeast. Kombucha may help your body return to a more balanced state so that your immune system and other body systems especially digestion may work more efficiently. It doesn’t matter what type of diet or foods you are […]

Breakfast Tea Collection

Irish Breakfast tea is a popular tea found in many tea cupboards. Most “breakfast teas” are made by blending different types of black teas together. Tea leaves from different areas such as India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sumatra, China and Java are blended to create the perfect blend. These teas tend to have more of a […]

Chocolate Chia Pudding

A dairy free chocolate pudding to help satisfy your chocolate cravings without all the artificial ingredients in the boxed pudding. Using cacao powder instead of cocoa powder and some dates and banana as a sweetener makes this a better dessert choice.

Lapsang Souchong – Winston Churchill’s Favourite Black Tea

Winston Churchill’s favourite black tea was Lapsang Souchong  正山小种 tea.  He was also fond of Johnnie Walker Red Label, Champagne Pol Roger and Cuban cigars. Legend has it Lapsang Souchong is the tea of Sherlock Holmes. Lapsang souchong is noted for its rich aromas and flavours which include pine resin, woodsmoke, smoked paprika, hints of dried longan,[5][6] and the […]